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Fire Extinguishers - Servicing, Refilling or Testing:

This classification applies to those business's in the testing, filling and servicing of fire extinguisher for others. Fire codes require that a certain number of extinguisher per commercial location and that these extinguisher be check periodically. This classification does not includes hydrostatic testing of fire sprinklers systems.

Additional operations found but separately classified and rated may include the selling of fire hoses, cabinets, emergency lighting, baffle filters and safety equipment. Range hood fire systems and automatic sprinkler systems installation, service or repair would require the assignment of additional class codes.

Fire Suppression Systems - Installation, Servicing or Repair:

This classification contemplates the installation of automatic sprinkler systems, both dry and wet, in buildings fire suppression systems, such as for fire protection purposes. Using portable scaffolds and ladders, the pipe is hung from the roof or ceiling structures. Also contemplated is the repair, service, maintenance and testing of existing systems. After final hookup and assembly (sprinkler heads may be installed before or after hanging the pipes) the system is tested by water flow and pressure tests.


Fire Extinguishers - Servicing, Refilling or Testing - 94304

Fire Suppression Systems - Installation, Servicing or Repair - 94381

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