Our Expertise

These days with all the new confusing hardware and software out there it’s difficult to keep up. The combination of a professional services and products liability policy is a must. This is beneficial to reduce the hazards of a gap in coverage for your client

Target Classes:

Communications services i.e. internet service providers, cable & satellite services, etc.

Computer programming & system integration


Custom software development

Hardware design & manufacturing

Integrated hardware & software services

Internet/Web services - website design, creation or hosting

Network services

Outsourced services - i.e. data centers, etc.

Packaged software development

Software developers, including software as a service

Technology consulting & support

Website development & hosting


Breach mitigation supplementary payments

Contingent BI / PD coverage

Coverage for private data entrusted to a third party

Data privacy and security claims arising out of a breach of the Insureds system

Defense & damages coverage arising from privacy breach investigations by governmental authorities

Media injury arising out of the content of the insured’s sites or software

Negligence arising out of technology services

Unauthorized access coverage including theft or loss of paper records