Our Expertise

Miscellaneous professional liability sometimes called errors and omissions (E&O) liability results from errors or omissions in the performance of professional services. Companies that perform professional services for others can make mistakes— overlook a critical piece of  information, misstate a fact, be misunderstood, forget to do something, misplace something, etc.—and be sued by their clients over allegations such as:

• Error, omission, or misrepresentation in providing a service.

• Failure to provide a service in a timely fashion, or at all.

• Failure to keep client information confidential.


Communication services - call centers, mailing services, translators

Consultants - energy, forestry, community development, scientific

Insurance support services - auditors, risk managers, safety engineers, property claims adjusters

Legal services - court clerks, expert witnesses, paralegals, notary services

Medical support - billing services, basic research, records transcription

Office support services - temporary staffing, resume assistance, document services, business & computer skill training