Our Expertise

Miscellaneous professional liability sometimes called errors and omissions (E&O) liability results from errors or omissions in the performance of professional services. Companies that perform professional services for others can make mistakes— overlook a critical piece of  information, misstate a fact, be misunderstood, forget to do something, misplace something, etc.—and be sued by their clients over allegations such as:

• Error, omission, or misrepresentation in providing a service.

• Failure to provide a service in a timely fashion, or at all.

• Failure to keep client information confidential.

Actuary - health
Actuary - life
Actuary - P&C
Actuary - pension
Advertising services - including media liability
Alarm monitoring (direct, with no installation / product sales)
Answering service
Appraisers - art antiques collectibles
Appraisers - real property
Associations - all types, trade, and non-profit
Background checks / credentialing
Billing services - medicare / caid, insurance
Billing services - non-medical
Breeders - animal
Business appraiser
Business broker
Business manager
Calibration - scientific testing equipment $750
Call center - inbound or outbound
Campaign media liability
Claims adjuster - liability
Claims adjuster - property
Claims administration
Code compliance inspection
Collection agencies
Construction inspection
Construction research
Consulting - agricultural
Consulting - communication
Consulting - construction
Consulting - energy - other than purchase negotiation or hedging
Consulting - engineer
Consulting - environmental - involving hazardous waste
Consulting - environmental - not involving hazardous waste
Consulting - financial - other than investment advisor or planners
Consulting - forestry
Consulting - geological
Consulting - health / social issues or advocacy
Consulting - hospital - other than mgmt
Consulting - human resource
Consulting - industrial engineering
Consulting - insurance
Consulting - legal
Consulting - management
Consulting - manufacturing
Consulting - marketing
Consulting - medical practice mgmt
Consulting - oil & gas
Consulting - property
Consulting - safety
Consulting - scientific
Consulting - security
Consulting - tax
Consulting - transportation
Contract research - medical or scientific basic research
Court appointed guardian
Court clerk
Court reporter
Crane inspection
Credit bureau / credit counseling
Customs brokers
Document preparation services
Document storage / destruction
Drafting - construction or planning but no design responsibility
Elevator inspection
Employee leasing service
Employee placement service - executive recruiting
Employee placement service - permanent
Employee placement service - temporary
Energy auditor
Energy monitoring
Event planner
Expert witness
Fire alarm system inspection
Franchisors professional
Freight forwarder
Home inspection - exterior only
Home inspection services
Insurance inspections
Insurance premium auditors
Interior decorator
Investigation - unarmed only
Leasing agents
Manufacturing engineering / design
Marine surveyor
Medical statistical analysis
Mortgage broker
Notary public
Patent agent - non-attorney
Payroll processing
Personal coaching / lifestyle coaching
Pipeline inspection - above ground
Pipeline inspection - below ground
Premium finance
Process servers
Professional employer organization (PEO) $5,000
Promoter - special events
Property management
Public relations firms
Publishing - including media liability
Railroad inspection
Real estate agents & brokers
Right of way agents
Risk managers
Safety engineer
Safety inspection
Scientific R&D
Social security administration representative
Structure settlement firm
Study abroad coordination
Tax preparation
Testing laboratories
Title agent / escrow / closing services
Tour brokers
TPA or benefit plan administrator
Training - business skills
Training - computer skills
Training - office skills
Training, safety - in classroom only
Training, security - in classroom only
Transcription - medical or non-medical
Travel agents
Trustees professional - dissolution of an estate or bankruptcy trustees
Turnaround managers
Utility locators
Utility one call service - without locating
Utilization review