Our Expertise

It is our intent to provide coverage for those Insureds who have a Liquor Liability exposure.

Classes Include:

  • Bars/Taverns/Restaurants
    This class of business is designed for restaurants, bars, taverns, buffets, cafeterias and food trucks/kiosks/stands.

  • Breweries
    Most craft breweries will be open to the public. They will offer tastings and tours of the premises. Many will hold banquets, weddings, festivals and other special events. They may also have restaurants and small stores on the premises.

  • Bowling Alleys

  • Casinos

  • Clubs

  • Convenience Stores
    This class of business is designed for a variety of convenience stores, including kiosks, mini convenience stores, limited selection convenience stores, traditional convenience stores, expanded convenience stores and hyper convenience stores. We write stores selling a wide array of consumable products (such as dairy, bakery goods, beverages, confectionery, health and beauty aids and gasoline) and services (including gasoline, car wash services, ATM bank access, video rentals and concert tickets). We also write 24 hour stores!

  • Exercise & Health Studios

  • Grocery stores

  • Hotels/Motels

  • Liquor Distributors/ Wholesalers

  • Liquor Manufacturers

  • Microbreweries

  • Package/Liquor Stores

  • Special Events
    A special event is a one-time or infrequently occurring event outside normal programs or activities of the sponsoring or organizing body that occur on a short term basis. For risks with numerous events occurring throughout a year, please consider adding the special event coverage under the normal businesses annual policy).

  • Wineries