Our Expertise

Coverage is for property owners and managers for claims brought by tenants alleging discrimination

Target Classes:

Apartments and other residential rental properties, Commercial and retail space

Coverages Available:

90-day post policy reporting

Built in extended reporting period feature

Claim discovery reporting feature

Claims-made and reported policy; the insurer has the duty to defend

Enhanced defense provisions

Expanded definition of insured

Fair credit reporting language includes alleged violation

Feature for automatic property addition/ deletion

Modified consent to settle clause 50/50

Options for deductibles and coinsurance

Protection against claims brought by tenants alleging violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Protects against claims brought by current tenants, former tenants, and prospective tenants

Provides coverage for allegations of wrongful eviction and personal injury resulting from false arrest

Schedule of managed property not required

Sublimit for U.S. H.U.D claims available