Our Expertise

Vacant Buildings

This class of business is designed for Vacant or unoccupied buildings with incidental renovation work. Vacant and unoccupied buildings vary across all classes of commercial property risks.

Typical Classes Written:
Mixed - Mercantile / Habitational Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Offices, Theaters (including adult), Mercantile Buildings, Grocery Stores, Manufacturing Risks, Lessors Risks, Business Parks, Warehouses. (This is a partial list of classes written. Please call or forward Apps for consideration);

Building and Personal Property
Bailees and Personal Property of Others
Business Income
Cause of Loss - Basic / Broad / Special
Equipment Breakdown
Extra Expense
Glass Coverage
Drain Backup Coverage
Ordinance or Law Coverage
Outdoor Trees, Shrubs And Plants
Property Extension (Limited Equipment Breakdown, Computer Equipment, Accounts Receivable, Outdoor Signs, Spoilage, Valuable Papers, Money and Securities, Water Backup or Overflow of Sewers and Drains, Employee Dishonesty)
Sign Coverage
Spoilage - Breakdown or Contamination and Power Outage
Vacancy Permits

Typical Value Amount: $500,000+
Minimum Premium: $500.